Moneyball: The Movie, The Trailer

I am a big fan of the book Moneyball and fully anticipate to hate the upcoming movie. Reasons? Glad you asked: (1) Hollywood loves to ruin books like rats love to dash across alleyways; (2) the book itself presented an incomplete picture of sabermetrics, so I fear the film will only worsen the bad rap we get; and (3) the sabermetric community has had a long-running meme of fake reports from the Moneyball%#151reports of an added love interest and dramatic alterations to history—making me very, very concerned.

I must admit, though, this present Moneyball trailer does not scare me as much as I anticipated:

Note: Billy Beane is the best-looking GM out there, and Brad Pitt looks strikingly similar in several of the scenes.

Side Note: Can we have Billy Beane in the post-Jim Hendry era?

Hat tip: Tom Tango

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