Cubs Fans Need To Stop Drinking The Castro-Barney Kool-Aid

Much has been made about the double-play tandem of Starlin Castro and Darwin Barney. It seems like these two have drawn comparisons to Tinker-Evers-Chance (sans Chance). This is preposterous — NONE of us was alive when they played. Jerry Crasnik wrote:

Short-term setbacks notwithstanding, the long-term view up the middle remains promising for the Cubs. Castro and Barney don't hit for power and they need to increase their walk totals and reduce the rookie mistakes, but they're establishing themselves as contact hitters with range, energy and a drive to improve.

And that hybrid nickname -- "Starwin Barstro" -- makes you think there's some harmonic convergence at play here.
Nay. The Cubs middle infield is serviceable on a good day. Starlin could possibly be a liability at shortstop and Barney is slightly above average at 2B. Steve Stone thinks Castro may be better at 3B than as a middle infielder:
"Eventually, he will grow into a third baseman," Steve Stone said on the Mully and Hanley Show. "He’s not a third baseman now…he’s doing a great job at shortstop, you leave him there."
With Castro's -5.4 UZR and Barney's weak hitting, the Cubs may be better off by having these two swap positions. At present, their defense does not even make the top NL Central tandem:

So if you're going to drink the kool-aid, Cubs fans, at least make it hot.

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