FanGraphs: Jim Hendry Replacement Time

I penned and article today for FanGraphs about present Cubs GM Jim Hendry. It's worth noting: Hendry seems like a classy guy and I really wish him no ill will. The problem is he's just a member of the old guard at this point, and the regime needs change:

If Hendry is allowed to finish the season — as many suspect will happen — he may well put the team in a furthered position of disadvantage by not taking advantage of players such as [Darwin] Barney and [Jeff] Baker at the height of their perceived value. The 2012 Cubs have very little chance at being competitive, but the 2011 Cubs could push them further along with a much overdue fire sale and subsequent rebuild, a la the 2005 Tampay Bay Rays.
You can read the rest at FanGraphs.

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