The Illusion Of Darwin Barney

"Barney, he's great." — Anonymous Coworker

I like Barney. Sure, he plays hard (but then again, most guys in the majors play hard) and he has the right attitude. But that doesn’t mean he’s a great player. The word utility comes to mind when I think of Barney.

Barney was named Rookie of the Month in April and maybe there’s one more month in him, but face facts, Cubs fans: Barney is average and he won’t be the NL Rookie of the Year. This is a two-horse race between Danny Espinosa and Freddie Freeman. Barney really is in the middle of the pack in the advanced stat categories. His only saving grace is his higher BABIP (.342).

I know, he’s only played half a season in "The Show" therefore it’s a small sample size. You’re correct. So we need to compare him to rookies in both leagues. Unfortunately for Barney, he only leads NL rookies (in his position) in one category — BABIP. There are only three NL rookies in 2B this year (Espinosa, Barney, Turner).

Let me put this in perspective for you — I think Barney is the Cubs version of (waaait fooor iiit) Gordon Beckham... And that's not a compliment.

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