Michael Jordan: How Many MVP's He Should Have Won

In April I did a post about Derrick Rose and how, according to Win Shares, he wasn't the MVP of the league.

I took a closer look at Michael Jordan's stats:

  • He led the league in win shares 9 times (this ties Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for most eva!)

  • He led the league in PER (Player Efficiency Rating) 7 times (this happened consecutively from '86-'92)

  • He led the league in points per game 10 times, consecutively from '86-'92, and from '95-'97
Considering those three important measures of statistical performance, he only won the MVP 5 times. Boo.

Win shares isn't perfect. But for measuring "most valuable" I can't think of a better measurement than how many wins one's productivity contributes to one's team. Another reason I like win shares (or WAR in baseball) is that it separates the narrative, perception, and reality (stats).

According to win shares, Jordan shouldn't have won just 5 MVP's -- but 9 instead.

(Photo courtesy of: Steve Lipofsky)

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