OVBlog: The Injury Bug Hath Struck

Aisle 424 went through the Cubs roster on the Obstructed View Blog today, recapping the injury train that has been the 2011 Chicago Cubs season. In all honesty, I'm surprised how many guys haven't been injured this year!

But in truth, even our 4th OFer has spent time on the DL:

Reed Johnson - He hurt his back, went on the DL and then got hit in the face with a pitch during his rehab stint. Seriously. If that doesn't pretty much sum up the Cubs season in a nutshell, I don't know what does.

Depth, depth, depth. Any successful season is marked by either (1) great injury fortunes or — more typically — (2) great organizational depth.

Read the whole article here: D'oh! Cubs, D'oh! | The OV Blog

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