Teams WANT John Grabow?!

Bruce Levine brings this dandy to our attention:

It appears the Yankees may have some interest in Cubs left-handed reliever John Grabow...
What?! John Grabow?! THE John Grabow? In his time with the Cubs, he has put up ERAs of 3.24 (2009, half season), 7.36 (2010), and 5.11 (2011).

I have long maintained that John Grabow would make a decent LOOGY (a lefties-only one out guy), but have watched in frustration as Mike Quade has marched him out to face what seemed like increasingly large numbers of righties.

Well, in that regard, I was wrong:
Apparently, coinciding with his asplosion in a Cubs uni, he started facing fewer and fewer righties. Granted a typical LOOGY faces only 40% righties (and sports a high 2.00 FIP).

Still, Grabow has always performed better against lefties (3.47 FIP) than righties (4.85 FIP). I imagine if the Yankees (who are a smart, progressive organization) acquired the Grabow, they would use him in 50% LOOGY role (as in: facing only half righties).

Moreover, this year he sports an ultra-high BABIP and super small LOB%, so he's been unlucky. Still, of all the Cubs pitchers to be interested in: John Grabow?!


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