White Sox: Chasing The Dragon Of Adam Dunn

I haven't checked my fantasy team in weeks. Not because I'm out of contention (it's too early to say that) but because I am afraid to see Adam Dunn.

Sitting there.
On the bench.

It's a sight I didn't expect to see. On draft day I believe I paid $18 for Dunn. I was hoping that Dunn (and Prince Fielder) would power my team through the season. Owners would offer me trades filled with a mixture of average speed, hitting and pitching. I would scoff at their offers with a response of "I didn't build this organization by making bad deals and I sure as hell ain't gonna start now". I was cocky overconfident with optimism. I even claimed Dunn would have 30 home runs -- at home.

Then, something happened. Well, technically speaking, nothing happened.

Dunn had his usual slow start, had an appendectomy and still has yet to adjust to new pitching and his role as a DH in the American League (Brad was right, moving an everyday player to the AL as a DH does in fact, reduce their productivity).

Some might say I am stuck with Adam Dunn. But he is the drug that tugs on my rationality. His past productivity combined with the ease of hitting a home run at U.S. Cellular begs me to put him in the lineup. My mind races:

"Maybe this week, at this game, he'll break out of it."
"Maybe I should put him in the lineup for only 4 days and see how he does."
"No no no, only home games. Yeah that's it. I'll only play him at home."

I try to make sense of the madness. Dunn's size, his power, things that were once valuable tools to his career, now seem to be an illusion.

I have resisted chasing the dragon of Adam Dunn for so long. The temptation of inserting him in my lineup for home games is high and the White Sox started a 7-game homestand yesterday (Dunn went 2-4 with a home run). It seems temptation will get the best of me -- at least this week.

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