Bears Win 4-0 Over New York Giants

Many fans of the Chicago Bears may have groaned and moaned through Monday night's 41-13 loss to the New York Giants, but many fans of the Chicago Bears probably do not understand preseason football.

The truth is, the Bears won 4-0. Proof:
In less than 24 hours, the New York Giants lost their most productive cornerback and leading tackler, an emerging backup cornerback and a promising second-round pick.

Cornerbacks Terrell Thomas and Brian Witherspoon both suffered season-ending torn ACL injuries and coach Tom Coughlin revealed that defensive tackle Marvin Austin will need season-ending surgery to repair his left pectoral muscle, which was injured during the Giants' 41-13 victory over the Chicago Bears on Monday.
Meanwhile, the Bears suffered no major injuries — and quite possibly none at all (I didn't hear of any, at least).

That's one of the better objectives a fan can hope for from a preseason game.

The other good objectives for the Bears this preseason: (1) protect the quarterback, (2) open running lanes, and (3) protect the quarterback more.

The Bears offensive line had a quality test in the New York Giants front four. Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck helped create the league's 3rd best defense and 3rd best pass defense in 2010, according to Football Outsiders.

Despite their ever-ferocious pass rush, the Giants reached Jay Cutler only once on the evening — and even then, Cutler had more than enough time to scramble out of the pocket and throw it away (instead he tucked the ball, tried to turn the corner, and took the sack).

That's... That's pretty good!

Meanwhile, the running game featured some not-bad-but-not-great blocking as the o-line starters for the Bears stayed in through parts of the third quarter.

Frankly, the Bears lost on the scoreboard, but they won in reality. They avoided injuries and they showed strong gains in a pivotal area. I'm feeling good about the coming year. Anyone else?

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