Cubs Get Javier Baez, Rays Get Everyone Else

Yesterday was the deadline for signing picks from the amateur draft. The Cubs, teetering on the deadline, were able to sign their top overall pick, Javier Baez, for $2.625 million.

Normally you wouldn't carry out a number to the third decimal place, but when you consider the last two numbers represent $25,000, it starts to become more clear (a) why such a thing might be necessary and (b) that I am in the wrong profession. Surely I could've made a slice of that change — my own little decimal — as the young man's agent!

Anyway, beside Duval-native Javier Baez, the Cubs also signed a slew of others (and not just last night), including my favorite, Daniel Vogelbach — the slugging lefty from the second round who'll make a great DH for the Cubs some other team someday.

Oh yeah, and the Rays signed all ten of their first round picks. Usually, when a team does better than the Cubs during the season, the Cubs have a better draft than them. Well, that's not the case for the Extra 2% organization.

Go here and just marvel at the Rays picks. Marveling is all we can do.

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