Jim Hendry Fired; New Era Initiated?

Holy cow!

David Kaplan broke the news today! Jim Hendry is gone! Fired! Unemployed! (Welcome to the club, says one out of every ten Americans.)

This is the day we feared would not happen, the day we hoped would begin a new era, the day that may bring progressive analysis to the office full-time.

Today the Cubs fired Jim Hendry, and hired Tom Ricketts.

No, not actually. Randy Bush, the Assistant General Manager, is the interim GM, but the interim will last only the next few months. Tom Ricketts is in charge now; he's at the wheel; the organization's future is in his grasp.

The personnel Ricketts brings will decide how the next decade goes. We wish him the best of luck in his search. And at the same time, we wish Jim Hendry only the best. He, by all appearances, was a good man, but a mediocre GM. I have faith he will find work again soon in someone else's scouting department.

Get ready Cubs fans. The ride is about to begin.

Hat tip to the great World Series Dreaming on the video.

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