Phil Humber Thanks God, Can Thank No One Else

Philip Humber — the White Sox pitcher who may well be a shoe-in for the Comeback Player of the Year award — took a nasty line drive off the face yesterday. Our dear friend (and apparent assassin) Kosuke Fukudome hit a powerful comebacker to Humber.

After the game, Humber seemed not like you'd expect a man in his condition to seem. He was talking to the media; he appeared of sound mind; and he was extra grateful:

“That’s a God thing," he said. "There’s a hand of protection around me. And I’m definitely thankful it wasn’t a lot worse and that I’m OK.”
He was apparently willing to keep pitching, but the trainers — doing their job — demanded he leave.

Watching the video again, you can see how Humber seemed fine right afterwards. Most guys stay on the ground. For a long time.

Watching it in slow motion, you can see how he was just simply physically unable to move his glove up quickly enough to deflect or catch the 150-mph liner.

To call Humber "lucky" is to call the sun "large" or call the Yankees "not poor." He thanked God after the ordeal, and appropriately so because no other entity or person or power could have allowed that scenario to play out the way it did.

Broken bats get a lot of credit for being the most dangerous element of baseball, but line drives at pitchers still have far more death-notches on their belt.

Good luck in the recovery Humber; we hope to see you on the mound again soon.

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