WHAT?!: Cubs To Retain GM Jim Hendry

The word from MLB Trade Rumors is that Cubs GM Jim Hendry is not going anywhere:
The Cubs will hold onto general manager Jim Hendry, barring a change of thinking among the team's owners, the Ricketts family, according to Bob Nightengale of USA Today (via Twitter).

There has been plenty of speculation over the course of this season, another disappointing one for the North Siders, that this could be Hendry's last year at the helm, although it has been reported previously on several occasions that the Ricketts and Hendry have a strong relationship. Tom Ricketts, chairman and one of the owners of the Cubs, gave Hendry a vote of confidence last season.
Loyal readers will recall my recent dance with the Optimism Goggles in which I suggested the Cubs franchise may not be hopelessly hopeless if Ricketts overhauls everything this offseason:
I think Ricketts may well be a far better owner than we can tell. Yeah, I may not agree with the whole "let's paint over the dilapidated gravestone that is Wrigley Field" policy, but a new owner cannot come in, remove Wrigley, and expect anything but a drunken riot.

And, rather than clean house in an industry he has no experience in, perhaps Tom has decided to slow play it, learn the ropes, give the present regime a chance to repeat their past success, and then execute a new strategy.

Of course, if the Ricketts do not significantly restructure after (or during) this present season, then I think the problem may be deeper, but I'm willing to wear the goggles until then.
Well call me Pessimism Cat, 'cause I'm done.

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