Alexei Ramirez: 2011 Gold Glove Winner

We have mentioned this many times and it deserves repeating until the voters get it right:

Alexei Ramirez was robbed of the Gold Glove last season. Alexei became the victim of a popularity contest; Derek Jeter won the award despite a -4.4 UZR (Alexei's was 10.8) -- I blame NOT Jeter's reputation but his bachelor lifestyle.

Not only is Alexei the most valuable player on the White Sox roster this season (4.4 WAR, which is higher than Paul Konerko) he also leads MLB at shortstop UZR (11.3). Annnnnd it doesn't hurt that he's one of our faves at Cubs Stats. Oh, that guy on the Northside [Starlin Castro], his defense, well, it needs some work:


If Alexei does NOT win the Gold Glove, I will create a trophy with my bare hands and personally deliver it to him at Spring Training.

That's no lie.

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