The Alfonso Soriano Contract Is NOT A Sunk Cost

Brad wrote an interesting article on Bleed Cubbie Blue regarding Alfonso Soriano about him being broken but useful.

Brad answers two important questions regarding Soriano:

What can Soriano offer the Cubs? And, more crucially, do the Cubs benefit from playing Soriano?
I have read the term "sunk costs" regarding Soriano's contract. It's true, Soriano is owed $54M from the Cubs over the next three years. But this money is NOT a sunk cost but rather a prospective cost for the Cubs and an avoidable future cost for any team willing to trade.

Now the cash the Cubs have already paid to Soriano, that is a sunk cost (because payment has already incurred and cannot be recovered) -- that money gone, playa.

The Cubs are now left trying to valuate his skills and determining his prospective cost to the organization (determining price to value). The problem, as it stands right now, before the trade deadline teams didn't jump on absorbing even a portion of that contract (avoiding the future cost) and the Cubs have a prospective cost of $54M. That's a lot of cash and cash rules everything around me.

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