Back To The Future For Nike

We here at Cubs Stats have an affinity for shoes and great marketing. But more importantly, we love it when two companies can come together and create an awesome synergy for a common good.

Recently, Nike has teamed up with the Michael J. Fox Foundation and have delivered the most awesome product of all time: The NIKE MAG (a.k.a. - The McFlys). Yes, these McFlys!

Here's some things you should know about the shoe:

The footwear, which was unveiled by Nike in Los Angeles on Thursday, comes with a couple of caveats. First, the shoes lack the self-lacing mechanism depicted in the film. Second, there are only 1,500 pairs in existence. Third, they can be bought only via auction through eBay.


The shoes were designed to be precise replicas of the film version, right down to the contour of the gray fabric upper, the speckled Zolatone sole and glowing Nike logo strap. The astonishingly light 2011 Nike Mag (the name refers to "magnetic levitation") is the company’s first rechargeable shoe, and can glow for five hours between charges. -- Vancouver Sun

You can bid on these sweet kicks on it's own page: The proceeds go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation and will fund Parkinson's disease research.

A message from Michael J. Fox:

Cheers to Nike for making this happen!

Current bidding is at $2700 per pair -- hoverboard not included (sad face).

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