Chicago Bears: Game 1 - What We Learned

Jay Cutler Believes In Sharing
Jay Cutler distributed the ball to nine different receivers against the Atlanta Falcons. He looked calm, confident, and methodical as he shredded mylanta for 312 yards and two touchdowns. His win probability added (WPA) was .49 -- yes, please! Consider this, Aaron Rodgers had a .50 WPA on Thursday against the Saints.

Forte Increasing His Price Is Good
I heard that as each Sunday goes, so does Matt Forte's price. To me, this isn't a bad thing. This means Forte is playing at a high level (and hopefully the Bears are winning). If Forte continues to have the offense go through him (which it does) and the Bears are winning, his price increase is a good problem to have.

Bears Defense Is Gooder
The Bears defense had six (6) guys with double digit win probabilities (Brian Urlacher had a .23 WPA). That's just amazing. Maybe I see a Narrative Ninja in all of this but it looks like the defense is playing at a higher level than last year. Yes, I know one game is a small sample but I believe the additions of Henry Melton and Amobi Okoye have helped the Bears depth chart immensely. If the Bear defense continues to have several players contribute double digit win probabilities, quarterbacks will have lines like Matt Ryan's: he was sacked 5 times and his WPA was 0.02 -- helloooooooooo.

New Bromances Will Blossom
I love the size and athleticism that Kellen Davis and Matt Spaeth bring. And rookie Dane Sanzenbacher...I heart him not only cuz he a shawty (5'11") but because he has an awesome name too.

We Still Have Some Cause For Concern
It seems like it took awhile to establish the running game. Matt Forte and Khalil Bell combined for 92 rushing yards. Perhaps this was more attributed to mylanta's defense -- idk -- but this has to get better during the season.

Cutler was sacked 5 times. Ugggghhhhh.

Interesting Stat
Devin Hester (127 yards) and Matt Forte (158 yards) accounted for 61% of the Bears total yardage on Sunday. It'll be interesting to see how this number fluctuates and how it is correlated to wins or losses through the course of the season.

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