Chicago Bears: Game 2 - What We Learned

We Have Regressed As An Offense
In the first half, too many plays were going through Matt Forte: 128/165 yards for 78%. This decreased through the course of the game (to 67%), but Forte accounted for 48% of Cutlers passing yards. This makes the Bears extremely one-dimensional. Sure, we were missing Roy Williams, but the Saints were missing Marques Colston and Drew Brees still had an excellent game.

At this point, the Bears offense has regressed. I say this because this is the 2nd year in the Mike Martz offense and we still see a plethora of inconsistencies: false starts, allowing pressure to the quarterback, dropped passes, etc, etc.

Welcome to the 2011 2010 Bears season.

An Injury To ANY O-Lineman Hurts... ripping a band-aid off -- oh yes, there will be blood. With the injuries to Gabe Carimi and Lance Louis, there's no telling when or if the O-Line protection will get better. This makes me extremely nervous as a Bears fan.

Hello? Coaching? Leadership?
Why Lovie Smith had Jay Cutler in the game (who was sacked 5x already) with three minutes left is beyond me. Have him lick his wounds and fight another day. But no, Lovie and company put Cutler back in the game -- only to get sacked again (that's 6). That's embarrassing. In my opinion, Lovie didn't do Jay any favors -- he puts Jay at risk of injury in situations when the game is out of reach and the O-Line is getting run over like road kill. Stop. It. Now.

I Should Have Been A Sports Agent
I posted last week:
I heard that as each Sunday goes, so does Matt Forte's price. To me, this isn't a bad thing. This means Forte is playing at a high level (and hopefully the Bears are winning). If Forte continues to have the offense go through him (which it does) and the Bears are winning, his price increase is a good problem to have.
The Bears are not doing themselves any favors allowing so much of the offense go through Forte and they will understand the word 'leverage' very quickly (and how little of it they have). If there was one person I could be right now (besides Aaron Rodgers), it would be Forte's agent [Adisa Bakari] -- cha ching!

I Haven't Changed My Stance
The Bears will be 9-7 this year. But if they continue to play like they did against the Saints, they'll be lucky to be 8-8.

Interesting Stat
Jay Cutler has now been sacked 11 times in only two games. This is 21% of the sacks from last season (52).

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