Congrats To Committed Indians; Buehrle To The Cubs?

The 2011 CBS Chicago's Most Valuable Blogger Awards have concluded. We here at Cubs Stats had been fighting hard to finish well in the competition, so we want to heartily thank all the Cubs Stats loyals who tolerated our voting twitter blitzes and — even more so — those who voted and voted often for our humble blog.

The fan's choice winner, Committed Indians, and the editor's choice winner, Second City Hockey, are both Blackhawks blogs — who'dathunkit, right? I watch just about every Blackhawks game that comes my way, but as a native Floridian, I'm admittedly behind the curve. Maybe it's time to study up and write nothing but Jonathan Toews articles. Hmm...

In the meantime, I suggest any White Sox (and even Cubs) fans out there read Jeff Zimmerman's Fangraphs article on Mark Buehrle and the DL:
Buehrle has been pitching’s iron man for the past decade, and that ability to consistently make his scheduled starts has increased his value. How much he’ll help the team that signs him this off-season is up for debate, but one thing is pretty certain: His health won’t be a concern.
Hey, the Chicago Cubs have a terrible bottom end of the rotation. And nothing makes the bottom end better than an upgrade at the top end.

Could the Cubs sign Buehrle? Yes. Would it be a good idea? No. Not unless they can very quickly build a winning team around him. Mark Buehrle, an amazing fielder, tends to keep his ERA unnaturally low, but he has never had the statistics of an ace. Moreover, the Cubs would need to vastly overhaul their outfield and corner positions before free agent pitchers are even worth thinking about.

On the other hand, the White Sox — despite this year's standings — remain well within striking distance in the relatively weak AL Central. Re-signing Buehrle makes much more sense on the south side than the north side.

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