Cubs Den: Beane And Forst On The Radar?

Over at Cubs Den, John Arguello makes a compelling case that the Cubs may be poised to snatch away Mr. Moneyball himself — no, not Michael Lewis:

There are rumors that the Cubs met with both Beane and Forst while in SF-- and that Ricketts brought along Tim Wilken, Oneri Fleita, and Ari Kaplan, three key front office execs that the Cubs would like to keep...

The Cubs extended Oneri Fleita not too long after this meeting. It could well just be coincidence (and ESPN's Bruce Levine says they did it because the Tigers were after Fleita), but Ricketts has said that he would allow the new GM to make these decisions and the fact that he signed him to a 4 year deal makes you wonder if perhaps Beane has signed off on it.
Wow, wouldn't that be cool?

My GM wishlist looks something like this:

1) Andrew Friedman (not gonna happen)

2) Brian Cashman (odds are against it)

3) A tie: Theo Epstein / Rick Hahn / Billy Beane (one is possibly evil, one doesn't have a lengthy history of success, and one has stumbled recently)

4) Many, many others. (Such as Gerry Hunsicker of Astros fame, presently working for the Rays.)

Getting Billy Beane could be a pretty awesome step forward.

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