Sheehan, Tango On Moneyball

Will and I saw Moneyball this past weekend and both rather enjoyed the film. We were, however, a bit surprised at its length (it nearly made my wife late for work that afternoon), but felt it overall was a decent-to-very-good film.

The film has resulted in a second considering of the book and its impact on baseball, a considering which produces interesting pieces like this from Tom Tango:

In MLB however, those guys going to college and earning their bachelor’s and masters now have hope that they can earn 50 cents on the dollar to work in a front office... Former pro players lament their inability to land a job in a front office, because they don’t understand the number-crunching aspect of it...

It’s like crossing the color and nationality line. Where once you had just white Americans and Canadians in the NHL and MLB, now you have a huge influx of talent from blacks and players worldwide. This is what we have in MLB front offices: teams have access to a huge supply of talent, and that I think is the impact of Moneyball.

Moneyball made people dream and believe that there’s a different path to MLB.
It's crazy how a little book (only 301 pages, including the afterword) about a little organization that was experiencing a little success has caused mountains and oceans of change. (Of course, the book is not the sole factor, but a major one.)

And I, for one, am happy about that change.

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