FanGraphs: What Is Trey McNutt Worth?

Well, it's pretty hard to put a value on a guy, specifically Trey McNutt still in the minors — especially when he's only been a prospect for about a year. Still, he's one of the best pitchers in the Chicago Cubs minor league system.

Anyway, the Red Sox have expressed interest in a McNut-for-Theo Epstein swap — after laughably asking for Matt Garza. Should the Cubs consider it? Well, my answer on FanGraphs was, "Eh, maybe":

Maybe if they feel the Red Sox are willing to go a season with two GMs on the payroll, maybe if the Cubs aren’t willing to wait potentially deep into the off-season, maybe if they feel like McNutt will never develop a changeup and capable third pitch, maybe if they see Epstein as a significant upgrade over any other target (he couldn’t have been any lower than their second choice), maybe if they are just tired of waiting, they will push McNutt across the table — maybe.
Honestly, though, given the hugely conflicting reports out of Boston — first they wanted cash, then Garza, now McNutt — I'd just wait a few more days until they want Starlin Castro and then nothing at all.

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