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Another Fitz and The Tantrums song that seems to be fitting courtesy of KEXP in Seattle.

What's NOT to love about the Cubs right now? After yet another depressing season, the Cubs did the unthinkable: they added value to the organization by hiring the talented and lovely Theo Epstein. This has been the best news on the Northside since the off season of 2006. In a matter of two weeks, the Cubs managed to uptick focusing on the long-term plan while the White Sox managed to downtick faster than Lehman Brothers (questionable management and naked short selling, anyone?).

But as Jason Roberts points out:

Cubs fans should realize that their roster is more akin to a tear down than a remodeling project.

As for the future, the Cubs farm system has more depth than the one Epstein inherited in Boston, but few if any of these players can be counted on to contribute immediately. This year’s crop of free agents is deep at first base, but lacking in high impact guys at most other positions. It is too early to assess what Epstein’s short term strategy will be for the Cubs, but if Cubs fans are expecting immediate success, they are in for continued disappointment.
It's pretty much agreed here at Cubs Stats that the Cubs will struggle to be competitive next year. Sure, Theo could pull some magic out of his fedora but, as he mentioned on the Waddle and Silvy show, he seems focused on improving their business model at every level to be competitive for the long-term:
The work of building a foundation is going to take some time. We have to enter every winter no matter what is on the roster or what happened the year before saying what can we do to put ourselves in the best possible position to win. Opportunities to win are sacred. I think what [Cubs fans] really want is to be competitive every year. You don’t want that one year where things go well and you happen to win ninety two games and a couple series and then you disappear for the next five years. I think what this is all about is building a foundation to have a core that can get us in deep, deep into September and October every single year.
Kool-aid never tasted so good.

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