The Theo Epstein To-Do List

A final tip of the hat from Byrd?
Over at Fangraphs, I took the liberty of postulating Epstein's first moves as the presumptive de facto GM of the Chicago Cubs. In short, I think he needs to (a) fill the front office with elite, brilliant talent, (b) trade a bunch of guys, and (c) no re-sign some others. In long:
Given the Cubs $130M budget range, they could conceivably be in contention in 2013 or 2014, but with their present dearth of pitching depth and elite players (the Cubs haven’t had a 7 bWAR player since Sammy Sosa, and only 1 time in 19 years; the Cardinals have had at least one for 11 of the last 14 years), they would need quite a few Jose Bautista-type surprises to win anything meaningful in 2012.

If and when Theo Epstein becomes the next Cubs GM, the Northside faithful need to fully anticipate lots of personnel changes and — more importantly — a very rough and young 2012.
Here's to hoping I'm wrong and the Cubs win it all in 2012.

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