Tomorrow Is A Big Day For Cubs Fans

Will got me hooked on these guys, Fitz and the Tantrums, so let's allow their upbeat rhythms and throwback garb sing us into a new era as the Cubs break the chains of their historical love of mediocrity.

It's not yet official, but it's done. Theo Epstein is coming to Chicago! Moreover, he's bringing Jed Hoyer with him!

For those who don't know, the real Chicago Cubs curse is not the Curse of the Billy Goat — it has long been the curse of bad management. The last time the Chicago Cubs had a managerial advantage was when first baseman and part-time manager / general manager Frank Chance had enough people skills to swing a trade for Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown.

The Cubs were one of the last teams to invest in farm teams. They were one of the last teams to cross the color barrier. They were one of the last teams to invest heavily overseas.

But now they are not one of the last teams. They are perhaps the 6th or maybe 7th team to dive into the sabermetric pool, and with both Epstein and Hoyer, they are diving into the deep end, head first.

Tomorrow, the announcement should go official and the Era of the Lovable Losers will begin its end.

Update: Twitter user @EricFlaris pointed out to the @Cubs_Stats Twitter account that the Theo deal is not yet finalized — rather, the Hoyer deal is. So, though Jed Hoyer is pretty much a sure thing at this point, Theo's Eve will apparently be some other night. :(

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