The Cubs Want Swansons

If you haven't heard about the Cubs interview process by now, know that it involves statistics, behavior, and strategic management (I salivated writing this sentence).

The Cubs have taken the interview process and built it around their needs. Sure, we can easily say corporate America does the same thing... but it doesn't. A job position should be defined clearly and an interview process should capture a candidates skill sets holistically. For some of us that have been through the miserable gauntlet of job interviews, it is absolutely depressing. Too many firms are focused on vague experience.

In a country with 9% unemployment (I banish you, underemployment. I. Banish. You.), I believe the interview process has included more ambiguity. Whether you're applying for a Project Manager, Statistician, Underwater Basket-Weaver or Manager of the Chicago Cubs, the focus should be on defining this role across the organization and making it very clear to the candidate on what is being expected. I believe Theo and Co. have done that. Their message is clear like the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness:

So cheers to the Cubs on revolutionizing the interview process. And extra cheers if it includes bacon.

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