The Next Order Of Cubs Business: New Uniforms

The front office changes the past couple of weeks have revived the organization and a fan base -- this is true. But there's one piece of business left.

I have the home uniform and it's... meh. It's not as iconic like the Yankees uniform. The embroidered patch is annoying and I wish the Cubs went with a more classic, iconic look. These unis would compliment the majesty of Wrigley Field. Sure, the Cubs breakout the classics a couple of games a year, but I want more we deserve more.

For you detractors out there, what would be better than seeing the Cubs wearing classic uniforms at Wrigley Field ALL THE TIME? That's right, nothing. The uniforms won't help the Cubs win more games but it does shed an image that is associated with a regime that couldn't figure out how to build a competitive organization.

The hiring of Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer has already improved the brand but a successful brand strategy matches the business strategy. And it's no secret that Theo not only wants to change the way the organization thinks about business but also the meaning of being a Cubs fan. He has created a new value proposition for the Cubs and this message of value and differentiation will be passed through marketing and advertising channels. We'll see and hear catchy better slogans ("It's a way of life", smh). But let's not forget about the uniforms.

Yes. We. Can.

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