Narrative Ninja: Carlos Boozer

What do the Bulls Need?
There's two camps when it comes to this topic: one side doesn't believe the Bulls need a two-guard but rather Carlos Boozer playing up to his career average numbers in the Playoffs. The other side of the argument is that the Bulls needed a two guard, like, yesterday.

In regards to Boozer, there was a decline but was it substantial enough to warrant scapegoat status?

I believe we suffer from Narrative Ninja when it comes to Boozer -- we remember more bad than good. It's true, he did not have the best playoff performance, but neither did Derrick Rose -- yes, I went there. Hey, we love scapegoats in Chicago so hellwithit... Boozer is our scapegoat.

Personally, I'll take a guy that can score 17 points, grab 11 boards, and have a true shooting percentage of 52% against the Heat any day:

In Game 1, vs. the Heat Boozer played decently (a tad below his average) and in Games 3 & 4, Booze actually played very well (the Bulls lost both of those games):

Our Narrative Ninjas remember Game 5 from Boozer and we shiver. Yes, it was bad. But the problem isn't that Carlos Boozer is a bad player as I have heard on these windy streets... nay. There's something underneath the surface that didn't improve last season. Nick Friedell points out:

People can talk about how the Bulls' biggest weakness is the need for a scoring two guard who can take some pressure off of Rose. While that is certainly the team's biggest issue heading into the new season, the other big one, which has gotten lost in the hoopla for another perimeter scorer, is the fact that two of the Bulls' best players didn't complement each other very well on the floor last season. If the Bulls want to take the next step in their progression next year, Thibodeau must find a way for Noah and Boozer to coexist on the floor together on both offense and defense. If they don't the Bulls still won't be able to win a title ... no matter who the two-guard is.
Couldn't agree more. The Bulls need to establish synergy between Boozer and Noah then add a complimentary piece at the two-guard. Until that happens, Boozer will continue to be the scapegoat for no apparent reason.

This is Chicago, after all.

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