Ray Emery: The Blackhawks #1 Goalie Until Further Notice

In December, Ray Emery has been in net for the Blackhawks for 8 games... Helping the Hawks gain points in 7 of them. But how good has Emery been in this surge? Let's take a look at GVT (Goals Versus Threshold):
Surprisingly, Emery's GVT is -1 -- he's allowed one more goal than the average goaltender. This does not mean he has played average during the recent Hawks surge. In fact, his GVT on November 26th was -6. This is a +5 GVT improvement. Emery's save percentage is on par with his career (90.8% ... current NHL save percentage is 91.2%) and his current 2.50 GAA (goals against average) is less than his career average (2.66) and on par with the league (2.58).

But what if Emery hovers around the average (0)? Do the Hawks have enough offensive firepower to survive average goaltending? Right now, that answer seems to be "yes." The Hawks have four players in the top-ten of GVT. But the struggles of Corey Crawford could be a concern if Emery slumps. Crawford has the talent. His save percentage last season was 91.7%, his GAA was 2.30, and his GVT was top-fifteen in the league. But right now, with the superb goaltending in the Western Conference, you go with the experience and play of Emery. He'll keep the Hawks in the game, giving them a chance to win...

... And that's all the Hawks need their goaltender to do.

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