2012 Cubs Convention: Videos And Afterthoughts

I've said it before, and it remains true: The Chicago Cubs have one of the most handsome front offices in baseball history. Frankly, it's a bit eerie.

Anyway, I was out of town for the Cubs Convention, so some of this footage is the first I'm seeing of the what Theo and the gang had to say last weekend. And mostly, they're saying all the right stuff.

I remember when Will and I went to the 2011 Cubs Convention. A sort of pall hung over the place. We enjoyed and greatly appreciated the Ron Santo memorial events and memorabilia (he had died about a month earlier), but the rest of the convention felt like quiet desperation as Jim Hendry assured us everything was okay. But everyone could tell his seat looked uncomfortably hot.

This year, no one is assuring us everything is okay. Svuem (in the first video) says the team is not as young as it appears (which is a good thing?) and that they are building, not re-building. I buy both suggestions, and I think the second is an excellent political move — because, let's face it, the Cubs need a few miracles in order to reach to the playoffs in 2012, but on the other hand, they still have a few legit stars on the roster including Starlin Castro and Matt Garza (for now).

All this to say: I wish I had gone this year.

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