Carlos Zambrano Traded To Miami Marlins

Welp, Theo Epstein / Jed Hoyer have done it. They have answered the biggest question heading into the 2012 MLB Season — they have trade RHP Carlos Zambrano to the Miami Marlins for 25-year-old RHP Chris Volstad.

It is no coincidence, I brazenly assume, that I just wrote a piece about Zambrano in the Venezuelan Winter Leauges, mentioning how his FIP (Fielding Independent Pitching statistic) and peripherals were ugly, to say the least.

The timing of this trade is good: Volstad is cheap, even though the Chicago Cubs have essentially bought out the remainder of Zambrano's contract, and Volstad is six years younger.

My colleague Chris Cwik is on the trade analysis:
All told, the Cubs and Marlins swapped fifth starters. Zambrano just hasn’t been all that good — or consistent –over the past couple of seasons. And he caused huge headaches for his coaching staff and the Cubs’ front office. Volstad might offer little upside, but he’s been nearly as good as Zambrano — minus the drama. At the very least, Epstein spends less money on Tylenol this season. At best, he also gets the better pitcher.
I love Zambrano, and I hope he does well in Miami. But there's no denying: This was the right trade and a good one for the Cubs.

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