Chicago Cubs, Matt Garza Far Apart; Cubs, Rodrigo Lopez Much Closer

In a weird some of duopoly of events, the Chicago Cubs have reached a major impasse with their ace RHP Matt Garza and meanwhile re-signed the minor league fodder that is RHP Rodrigo Lopez.

The Garza news is pretty disconcerting:

A gap that big ($4.5M) shows a major difference in expectations between Garza and the Cubs. Honestly, given that Garza earned about $6M in 2011, the midpoint seems like the only sensible number of the three out there. Oh well.

On Thursday afternoon, news broke that the Cubs had re-signed Rodrigo Lopez, who played a round of roulette in the Cubs' 2011 Rotation of Death, twirling to the tune of a 4.42 ERA, 5.36 FIP, and 4.62 SIERA.

In the past, Lopez's FIP has best predicted his ERA, so, y'know, that's not good. But at the same time, Lopez is coming in on a minor league contract and could potentially eat some low-leverage innings as a spot starter or long man. So, hey, why not?

Personally, I'd take my chances with someone younger like Kyle Davies or a minor leaguer Dirk Hayhurst, but whutevs. In the grand scheme, it's probably not a huge difference.

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