Beyond The Boxscore: The Cubs' Contract Window

The Chicago Cubs, unlike teams in win-now mode, were waiting for contracts to end, not hoping to sign extensions or win it all before the All-Star leaves.

Jed Hoyer and Theo Epstein worked some magic earlier this offseason, sending SP Carlos Zambrano tot he Miami Marlins, but they still have OF Alfonso Soriano — whose albatross contract does not end for another three more seasons — and OF Marlon Byrd, who is still really useful, but is blocking top prospect OF Brett Jackson.

Beyond the Boxscore's David Fung has a great visual to show the Cubs' current contract obligations:

Click to en-large-a-size.

Want to know more about the prospects at the bottom of the chart? Jonathon Mayo has you covered with his latest top 10 prospects, complete with videos.

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