Welcome To The South Side, Dan Johnson!

Word broke this morning that the Chicago White Sox have signed 1B Dan Johnson to a minor league contract. Which is funny, because it was less than a year ago, White Sox fans were mercilessly booing me and Johnson after he cracked this homer, giving the Tampa Bay Rays their first win of the season and the Chicago White Sox one of their first losses.

I make little pretense about my team affiliations. They are as such:

1. Chicago Cubs
1. Tampa Bay Rays
3. Chicago White Sox

As such, the White Sox were SOL that night because I was elated. Johnson is one of my favorite all-time Rays — and not just because he cranks seriously clutch homers (do a video search on MLB's website for "Dan Johnson" — the majority of the results will be about game-tying home runs), but because I like his approach at the plate — wait, wait, wait... wait... HOME RUN SWING! (strikeout).

At the same time, though, Johnson is getting up there in age and is going to be stuck behind DH Adam Dunn (whom I anticipate will play MUCH better in the 2012 MLB Season) and 1B Paul Konerko (who's only moving if he gets traded, and I am not confident that will happen).

Nonetheless, I am excited to see Johnson alive and kicking. Here's to a great year, Pumpkin!

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