Ryan Braun, PEDs, And Secrets

There's a lot that we, the public and the fans, just do not know. The MLB has secrets, many of them are not terribly surprising (more humanizing than anything) and some are pretty shocking. It sounds like the Ryan Braun drug test issue may have some of the shocking kinds of secrets.

The New York Times had some juicy quotes from some of Braun's teammates:

Lucroy said there was more to the situation than Braun has said publicly, and his explanation to teammates, Lucroy said, has been convincing.

"I’m not going to get into the details, but if you knew what we knew, people would be like, ‘Wow,’ " Lucroy said, adding that he understood why Braun has elaborated only in private. "You’ve got to do that because it’s his prerogative. It’s up to him, it’s his choice. And honestly, if some of the things came out, it would be a lot more negative than positive. There are reasons."
In my recent trip to Phoenix with the FanGraphs writers, I had the distinction of overhearing some fascinating insider talk, and it really affirmed — more than anything — that baseball is a business like any other, and the people involved in it are exactly that, people. And people are sometimes despicable, sometimes terrifying, sometimes awesome, sometimes socially inept, and sometimes they are Dan Haren at the In-N-Out Burger, letting his little daughter put stickers on his face.

All this to say: I would not be surprised that if in 10 years time, the Ryan Braun history is written with a very different pen.

Hat tip to Rob Neyer on this.

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