Baseball In Englewood, Cookoffs, And Helping Youths

I had the pleasure of meeting a new friend (we'll call him Greg) and he told me he coaches baseball in Englewood for the organization called Play for Life International.

(from the website):

PFLI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that uses sports to engage and empower at-risk youth . For us, it’s not just about winning, it’s about empowerment: the power to live a positive lifestyle, the power to treat others with respect, and the power to make responsible choices. Every day, we’re reminding these kids that they’re not victims of circumstances – they’re contenders.
Then, I received this story that made me almost choke on my Big League Chew trying to hold back the tears:
Last week, one of the 12 year olds in our baseball program was attacked and beaten by a group of adults. He still came to baseball a few days later and went about his daily normal daily activities. This is a fact of life growing up in Englewood. In any city, instances like this will happen occasionally, but it's unacceptable that this is an inevitability for the youth in our program.

You have the opportunity to prevent it. Play for Life works with Englewood youth from ages 5-18 to help provide them with the skills to get into college and get some of the opportunities that most of us take for granted. We provide a place for them to go after school and on the weekends. A place where they can participate in a team activity. A place where they can get support for their schoolwork, so that they aren't stuck in Englewood.
If that's not enough for you to support this cause, there is a "Best of the Ball Park" cookoff!!!

Play for Life's fundraiser is tonight at the Newberry Library, 6:30-10:30PM.

You can donate and buy the ticket here.

Donations cover equipment, league fees, transportation, food, umpires, and a few part time coaches. I would also like to encourage you to invite your friends, co-workers and spread the word to this event as every additional ticket sale provides significant returns to the kids.

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