Bob Brenly And Stats

Weird, right?
I don't always agree with Chicago Cubs announcer Bob Brenly — and here's another instance where I don't: My FanGraphs piece entitled, "Bob Brenly: You Were a Good Hitter."
Since time forever, Chicago Cubs broadcaster Bob Brenly has joked good-humor’dly about how terrible a hitter he was. For years, I had just taken him at his word, assumed that Bob Brenly was the worst worst hitter ever — a hitter whose home runs came on windy days, whose singles bounced ten times before leaving the infield, and whose walks came only on failed beanings.

But that is simply not true. Recently Mr. Brenly remarked he wanted to see an advanced stat that said he was a good hitter. I’ll give him three.
I've really enjoyed Len Kasper and Bob Brenly taking new stats to the people. It's time Cubs fans started enjoying the insight that management now has.

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