The Score: A Better Understanding Of Baseball Teams

Now THIS is a season preview:

Chicago Cubs

Hopes are high for this year’s Cubs. Not only did they win the world series in an MLB 12 commercial, they also hired famous exorcist Theo Epstein. Rumour is, they may even sacrifice him on the pitcher’s mound. Just like they did in Boston.

But you know and I know that, if they ever get close, the baseball Gods will strike them all dead.

At their best, the Cubs are like a fat guy chilling with a beer, looking at the world and shrugging it off. At their worst, they’re like that same guy buying lottery tickets to win the big jackpot. Cause they figured out the system. And now it’ll be different.

I suspect that when the Baseball Gods heard a Chicago team threw the World Series, they may have made a clerical error of some kind.
I don't agree with, maybe, any of the things my buddy Parkes says in this preview, but man does he say it beautifully and perfectly. So much so that I wish I had written it. Or at least hacked his site and changed his name to mine.

And, by the way, Frank Thomas is my all-time favorite White Sox player:
Chicago White Sox

After being banned from baseball following the infamous 1919 Stock Market fixing scandal that led to the First World War, the White Sox have finally been allowed into MLB’s semi-professional American League Central Division. Here, they look to get one really good player. If they have that, who knows what can happen? In the meantime, a giant golden statue of Frank Thomas will play first base.

Glove slap to Will.

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