White Sox Vs. Rangers: Opening Day On The South Side

I strained my back playing basketball last night. It hurts to look at my monitor while I type, so I'm going to try to keep this short.

John Danks starts on the mound today for the White Sox. He's good. Colby Lewis apposes him. Lewis is not bad. It's a shame the White Sox don't get to face Yu Darvish... But actually that's probably a good thing. I'm pretty sure Darvish is the real deal.

Things I'm looking forward to / hoping for today:

  1. Adam Dunn going deep.
  2. Alejandro De Aza making an impressive play in CF.
  3. Brent Morel going nuts. In a good way.
  4. Tyler Flowers getting some freakin' playing time.
That last one probably won't happen today, but in general, I would like some more Flowers please. I know that Alishia will protest that assessment. Sorry Alishia.

Source: FanGraphs

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