Are Epstein And Hoyer Above Reproach?

The alternate title of this post is: Two Smart Guys Argue With One Other Guy:

Paul Sullivan of the Tribune strikes me as somewhat of a troll. As I noted on the Cubs Den article that brought this video to my attention, the Cubs front office is not above reproach, but if you are going to criticize them, DON'T DO SO LIKE AN IGNORANT FAN WHO KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT THE SPORT AND BUSINESS OF BASEBALL, SULLY.

Here is comment, reproduced in full:

Only Sullivan, who attacked Zambrano like a racist, who lambasted the man for leaving during the season to adopt a needy, South American child, would say, "We trade Zambrano too hastily."

Each one of the organization's moves has been easily defended -- and even the moves that for the Red Sox have since become problems (Lackey, Crawford, etc.) were defendable at the time (which means they are still defendable because you evaluate trades when they happen, not fifteen months later when, say, Chris Volstad struggles to start the season).

Sullivan is and likely shall remain a Published Troll. Such has become the fare of major media outlets of the Old World Press as they scramble to retain the dying business model.

Thanks, Tom, for bringing a little logic to the matter. And I agree that Epstein/Hoyer should not be overly praised or undoubted. There are sound counterarguments to the contract they gave Crawford.

Fans and writers need to post a sign over their television / game-watching device that says, "This is what rebuilding looks like." Not a soul in the front office said we were in contention for the NL Central in 2012. Being terrible right now is part of what will make the team great later.

(And no, "defendable" is not a word. At least it wasn't until I made it one.)

I do disagree with the Two Guys about Carlos Zambrano. I am not against the trade because I think the book is yet written on Chris Volstad. Also, I'm high on Michael Bowden who has a decent SIERA right now and could potentially edge towards the rotation someday. And Ian Stewart is among the top Cubs poised for a strong regression.

But I think we can say with certainty it is dumb to criticize the results of a trade just two months post facto. Extra dumb.

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