Cubs 2nd In Bidding For Darvish, 1st In Non-Crazy Bidding

Remember when the Rangers snuck into the U.S. Mint and stole the necessaries to print their own currency, and then used all of the currency they printed to purchase merely the rights to negotiate with SP Yu Darvish?

Yeah, well, before that happened, I had hoped the Chicago Cubs would try to get into the bidding — namely because the team was woefully lacking starting pitching depth and Darvish is young and elite.

So it turns out, according to Buster Olney's sources, the Cubs had the best not-insane bid:

3. Source: Remember how the Jays were expected to be such big players in the Yu Darvish bidding? Well, one official said that Toronto actually finished third in the bidding, behind the Rangers and Cubs, and that no bid was within $35 million of what Texas tendered.
Man, what a bummer that he ended up in Texas. But I'm still glad the Cubs didn't shell out the $35,000,001 necessary to outbid the Rangers.

Everything's bigger in Texas, I guess.

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