Alexei Ramirez 2012: A Terrible, But Useful Year

James Fegan of the White Sox Observer had an insightful article on Alexei Ramirez today, pointing out something I would not have guessed in a bajillion eon. That is, Alexei Ramirez is killing it with runners in scoring position this season:

In 120 plate appearances with runners in scoring position, Alexei Ramirez is hitting .355/.381/.476, for 46 RBI.

.355/.381/.476 !!!

That's the breakout season we dreamed of, and then a fair bit more. But, this doesn't validate RBI [as a statistic] either. We have no reason to believe Alexei Ramirez is especially capable of turning it on during run-scoring situations, certainly not to this absurd degree.
Fegan is quite right -- doubly right, in fact! -- to predict this production will not continue.

But at the same time, the Sox are very fortunate to have it & and Ramirez could regress to his career norms (which are rather good for a shortstop, especially of his defensive talent), which could provide a boost to a post-season hunting / rebuilding White Sox team.

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