Chicago Bears Uniforms Ranked No. 2 By Uni Watch

Look, I think these uniform rankings are a no-win situation. In the world of art -- and sports art -- the only surety is disagreement and subjectivity. I personally think it's nuts the Yankees rank No. 9 with a black and white yawner, but the Rays -- who sport a similar, pinstripe-less blue and white alternative -- get ranked No. 68.

Nonetheless, the Chicago Bears and their strait impressive blue and orange get reasonable due, ranking No. 2 out of 122 teams:
True, the helmet design is starting to look a tad dated. But the striped sleeves, striped socks (now a rarity in the NFL, alas), unique number font, and even the perma-memorial to Papa Bear all score major points, and the Bears may be the only team in the league who look as sharp on the road as they do at home. The cream of the NFL crop.
I actually think the Bears look much better at home than away, and the Colts -- who rank pretty low themselves -- look better on the road than any pro sports team.

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