Jay Cutler Is The Problem

Here is a great piece from Grantland's Bill Barnwell concerning Jay Cutler:
Compare Cutler to Brett Favre, for example, and it tells us a lot about why we get down on Cutler. Like Cutler, Favre was prone to awful games in which he'd toss up a bunch of interceptions, get down on his teammates, and generally look like a disaster. Just like with Cutler, we'd project our images of how Favre looked and acted onto our opinions of how he played. Because Favre was emotional and fiery, we saw him as a team leader. Cutler's aloof stoicism and smugness have become the calling card for his critics, despite the fact that his teammates love him.
Has there ever been a quarterback surrounded by as much Narrative Ninja as Jay Cutler? I cannot think of one. I cannot think of any player outside of maybe Barry Bonds whose every expression was dissected like Shakespeare sonnet.

He's different. He does not a Brett Favre or Peyton Manning personality -- nor their ability -- but he's a dang good quarterback and the best thing going going for the Bears offense right now.

If Cutler had a ring or two, whether he deserved it or not (a la Brad Johnson), his detractors would likely have a lot less to say.

Chest bump to Manu Mishra for passing this along.

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