Will 42 Be The Best Baseball Movie Ever?

Hellifiknow how good this movie will be, but I do know Will and I are quite eager to see this film -- not just because it has Harrison Ford and baseball and Jackie Robinson -- but also because it has one of the forefathers of sabermetrics, Mr. Branch Rickey, who used OBP about 60 years before it was cool, who invented the minor league system, and who also happened to be the GM who broke (technically re-broke) the color barrier by signing the Mr. Robinson.

If 42 does not look at least promising so far, I am not sure what to say. Brian Helgeland wrote and directed the piece, and though he certainly has a few stinkers on his resume, an L.A. Confidential credit rings well, so does having executive producers from Cabin in the Woods and The Hangover franchise.

Here's hoping this one hits a -- wait for it -- home run. Or at least steals of home.

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