Longing For Clubhouse Confidential

Today on Twitter, a fellow baseball enthusiast, Nate Springfield, proposed a change to MLB.tv that, frankly, I feel needs to happen:

Traditional television is dying. Because of cable's inability to offer a la carte television channels, my generation (the mid-20-year-olds, as of right now) are going without cable. We are using antennas and the internet to meet our viewing desires. If I could order a seven-channel package (ESPN, WGN, MLB Network, and maybe FX, TMC, or IFC), then I would have had cable since I moved out of home.

Instead, I have never -- in my life -- paid for cable. I had it at my parent's home during high school, but starting in undergrad, I have trod the antenna/Hulu/Netflix route.

So packaging MLB Network with an MLB.tv or MLB.tv Premium account makes sense for the MLB, with respect to the changing marketplace, but it also makes sense because Clubhouse Confidence is a legitimately amazing show and I want to watch it. A lot.

Behold: These highlights.

There is no other broadcast, on earth and to my knowledge, with a higher, more competent level of discourse than CHC. So, c'mon MLB, let's get this working.

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