In Praise of Jose Quintana

I'm glad to see Jose Quintana getting some love from Jeff. Moreover, Rick Hahn is building a solid team here. He's got Quintana locked down for a bevy of seasons at a very reasonable discount. He's turned some vets into prospects and added a sexy international free agent in the form of Jose Abreu.

But let's look at Quintana because he's the most surprising part to me. He's this lefty who kind of signed out of nowhere (or, rather, out of a dark cloud of PED murkiness) and then, just as the White Sox farm league was earning Minor League Razzies, he appears to help a White Sox rotation in desperate need of help.

Look at him in comparison to some other Chicago hurlers:

Source: FanGraphs -- Jeff Samardzija, John Danks, Travis Wood

I have him on my Scoresheet roster this year, and I look forward to much of this in 2014:

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