The Cubs and Pitchers

Yesterday, Dave Cameron kinda said what we're all starting to think:

Besides Jake Arrieta — who continues to pitch like a legitimate front-line guy — the Cubs rotation might not be full of potential aces, but there’s nothing wrong with having one good starter and four decent guys.

I have never hidden my affinity for NPB and Cuban exports (those league feel so exotic and unknown!), and so I accept the accusation I might be overly optimistic on Tsuyoshi Wada. That being said, was good -- if not great -- in Japan, and now even Dave Cameron lists him among the positive surprises in the Cubs pitching universe.

Add to that: Jason Hammel, Scott Feldman, and Paul Maholm. Since 2012, the front office has managed to add at least one low-risk, medium-reward starting pitcher to each rotation. If nothing else, this means they've learned to how to make smart gambles on pitching (because, let's observe here, free agent pitchers are gambles, and there is no guarantee the next Jason Hammel they sign will do anything but plop a big ol' turd on the staff ERA).

So do the Cubs need Jon Lester? No, but that'd be huge if they got him. Do they need to trade Javier Baez or Jorge Soler? Nope. Not at all, unless they're getting a whopping doozy in return.

In fact, given a few prudent acquisitions here or there, I think we could be seeing a really good team on the northside. World Series good? Maybe not. A winning team though?

Definitely next year.

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