The House That 51 Days Built

Over at Cubby Blue, Tim shared some great photos of the Wrigley construction and also passed along this tidbit:
On March 4th, 1914, the groundbreaking ceremonies at Weegham Park (which would become Cubs Park and finally Wrigley Field) took place.
Then, construction crews hauled ass and built the entire thing so it was ready for the home opener on April 23rd.
So imagine there was nothing in the above photo.
51 days later, there was Wrigley Field.
Fifty one days.
I can't find anything online that details the construction, but man is that fast.
He goes on to note that, y'know, maybe a 101-year-old building that got thrown together in 51 days could use a little more tender love than the city (and previous owners) have been willing to give it. I think he's kinda right.

Be sure to check out Tim's post at Cubby Blue.

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