About Us

Will has been a Cubs fan all his life. He has experienced happiness and tragedy (sometimes in the same game). He believes in the DH, defense, and speed... none of which the Cubs have. His favorite baseball movie is The Sandlot, he can't hit the curve ball, and he believes in soft, wet kisses that last three days.

He has a Masters in Computer Science from Marquette University and is currently pursuing his MBA from Roosevelt University in Chicago.

Bradley Woodrum, born in Indiana and raised in Florida, learned to love the Cubs watching Sammy Sosa glove fly balls on sunny Sunday afternoons on WGN. He was fortunate enough to, as a young man, join the crowds in singing with Harry Caray in one of Harry's final seasons. Brad loves the ivy, but not the brick; he loves passion, but hates booing; and he — above all — detests willful ignorance.

Brad got his bachelors degrees in English and Economics at Jacksonville University, go Dolphins, and acquired his Masters in Economics from Roosevelt University in Chicago. He also contributes to DRaysBay and FanGraphs and is a Rays fan.

Alishia is a serious White Sox fan who LOVES spending her time worshiping at The Cell. Born and raised in Chicago and "the burbs," she hopes her daughter inherits her passion for sports, history, reading, and travel. Aside from Christmas, her favorite time of the year is Sox vs Cubs weekend on the Southside, usually shared with her brother...the Cubs fan.

Alishia received her degree from NIU in corporate communication and enjoys learning as long as it doesn't involve school. One of her favorite quotes is from the great Bill Cosby, who said, "The past is a ghost, the future a dream, and all we ever have is now."